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Current Workshops, Webinars and Masterminds

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1. Donor Delight: Crafting a welcome pack from first donation to lifelong support Discover the art of wowing, inspiring, and engaging your donors right from their first contribution. Learn the secrets to constructing enduring connections and loyalty through meticulously designed welcome packs. Uncover how these packs can supercharge your fundraising endeavours while nurturing and expanding your donor base. This course offers valuable insights and actionable strategies that will propel your donor engagement to new heights.


2. Mastering the Art of Donor Engagement: Captivate donors through strategic touch points and create lasting connections Delve into the world of donor touch points, the essential interactions and communication channels that charities employ to connect with their donors. Explore the effective strategies employed by successful fundraisers, with real-world examples of impactful touch points. This course will provide you with invaluable insights and inspiration to enhance your donor engagement strategies and foster enduring relationships.


3. Donor Survey Magic: Use Surveys to Build Stronger Relationships and Increase Donations! Unlock the transformative potential of surveys in forging deeper connections with your donors and turbocharging your fundraising outcomes. Learn how to effectively utilise surveys to comprehend donor preferences, personalise communications, and create impactful programs. This course equips you with practical techniques to strengthen relationships, boost donor loyalty, and amplify donations.


4. Fundraising Campaign: Planning Masterclass Transform your fundraising efforts and take your charity mission to new heights. Unlock the secrets to crafting successful fundraising campaigns that make a lasting impact! Join us and gain the expertise you need to clear the fog around fundraising campaign planning. Elevate your charity's impact, achieve your fundraising goals, and make a difference like never before!


5. Mastering Recurring Giving Campaigns: Ideation and Execution Eager to launch a successful recurring giving campaign that not only attracts loyal donors but also sustains your organisation's mission for the long haul? Get the knowledge and skills to plan, execute, and manage a recurring giving campaign that not only attracts initial donations but also builds a loyal community of supporters dedicated to your cause. Join us and unlock the potential of recurring giving to propel your organisation's mission forward.

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Upcoming Engagements:


26th June 2024 - Air Ambulances UK National Conference - Air Ambulances UK

23rd July 2024 - FireSide Talk - Hackney Impact

24th & 25th September 2024 - Scottish Fundraising Conference - CIOF

Speaking Fees


As a speaker, my fees vary greatly depending on the audience, topic, length, date and location. In all situations, the hosting organisation will be asked to cover travel costs. As a way of paying back the charity sector for what it has given me, I currently offer discounted rates plus travel costs for CVSs across the UK.

Please SCHEDULE A CALL and let me know what you have in mind …

Past Clients & Speaking Engagements


Here’s a list of clients that have trusted me to appear at their in-person or virtual event as a fundraising speaker:


-Small Charities Week 2022

- Fundraising Everywhere - Members  Clinic July 2023

- Communicate Now Conference 2023

- Fundraising Everywhere - Supporter Experience May 2024

Current Keynote

I have lots of experience as a fundraising speaker. Here’s what people have said about me…

“Thank you for your support this year, you really helped improve how we communicated to our audiences and I credit your support with our uplift in giving for this year’s Christmas Challenge campaign where we exceeded our target of £30K!”

Janine Edwards

- Power for the People

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